Visit of the “Uzupis Republic”. Situated not far from the city centre, separated from it by the Vilnia River, its name means “beyond the river”. This area was declared an “independent republic” by its inhabitants, mostly artists and their families. They created a flag –that changes colours every season- an anthem, passports, a constitution, and declared 1st April the Independence Day! They have a president and a council of ministers. The district was inhabited mostly by Jewish until World War II. Their deserted houses were neglected afterwards and during the times of the Soviet occupation only strays, criminals and social outcasts inhabited the place. After Lithuania regained its independence, many artists occupied the houses, restored the buildings and gave a fresh and creative shine to the district, now sworn brother to Montmartre. Now it is full of cafes, art galleries and boutiques. The main statement of the Constitution of Uzupis is the “right to be happy” and its motto is “don’t fight, don’t win, don’t surrender”.