Visit to St. Jacob’s church (St. James Catholic Cathedral). Build in 1225, it’s one of the most ancient churches of Riga, and it served as its cathedral until the opening of the Dome. During the protestant Reform, in 1523, it became the first protestant Latvian church in Riga. But 60 years later, when the city came under the control of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the king Stephan Batory gave the church to the Jesuits, as part as the counter-reformation measures, and it became catholic again. In 1621, when Gustav of Sweden invaded Latvia, the church was given back to the Lutherans. In 1812, when Napoleon took Riga on its way to Russia, the church served as food storage. In 1923 it was finally given back to the Catholics as the catholic cathedral of Riga. Its proper name is St. James, but it’s usually confused because in Latvian, as in many other languages, there is only a single name for both Jacob and James.