Saaremaa Island

Saaremaa is the biggest island of Estonia known as a good recreation place with unique nature and a lot of sights. Saaremaa has retained its uniqueness due to its location and geographical isolation. In the villages there are still stone fences and houses with thatched roofs, beautiful national costumes and dialectal language are still used. Dolomite, windmills and the famous local home-brewed beer are considered the symbols of Saaremaa.

During the tour around the island we will walk in pine woods in Kaali where 9 meteorite craters are. The craters are considered Estonia’s most unique geological object. The largest of the craters measures 110 meters in diameter and contains a small lake (known as Kaali järv (Lake Kaali). We will admire the symbol of Saaremaa – Angla windmills on the only remaining windmill hill in present Saaremaa and proceed with sightseeing at Panga cliff where unforgettable view over the Baltic Sea is opened. We will have a nice walk on seashore with beautiful dunes in Jarve. We will end our tour at the Sõrve peninsula which is especially beautiful on the sun set. At the southernmost tip there is Sõrve lighthouse. The first lighthouse was built there in the middle of the 17th century. The present one was built in 1958-1960.