Visit of Rundale Palace constructed in 1740 by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the main architect of Saint-Petersburg, by request of the Duke of Curlandia, Ernest Johann Von Biron, in the beautiful baroque style of Italian inspiration. The Duke was the favourite lover of tsarina Anna Ioannovna and because of it he produced a big influence in all the subjects of the State of Russia. He wanted to construct a summer residence in keeping with his growing power. After the death of the tsarina, the Duke was arrested and exiled in Russia. Having passed through the hands of the family Shuvalov of St. Petersburg and then by Soviet authorities, the palace was profoundly restored and nowadays it is used by the latish authorities to house the most important visitors of the country and heads of the foreign states. It is necessary to point out the Golden Living room, the White Living room and the Big Gallery, as well as the private rooms of Dukes, all that in beautiful Rococo style. The set is surrounded by beautiful gardens of French style.