Panoramic tour of Riga. Riga is a very beautiful city. The historical center will surprise you by its medieval engraving appearance. The city center is richly decorated by incredible variety of architectural styles – Baroque, Classicism, Renaissance, Art Deco, Romanesque, and National Romanticism. The buildings in Art Nouveau style and its fantastic decorative elements are extraordinary and unrivalled. The wooden buildings of the 19th century are also unique. We will make a panoramic tour on foot in the historical centre. Its perfectly preserved paved streets contain medieval atmosphere, characteristic of this city. We will admire the magnificent edifices of the rich merchants of the Hansa Town, an ancient Nunnery and the Holy Spirit Hospital, and some of the most ancient civil buildings of the city, such as the famous house of “Three Sisters” or house of “Black Heads”, the seat of the famous brotherhood of captains and hanseatic merchants. One of the city’s central square, Town Hall Square, in the Middle Ages was not only the market square, but also the administrative center of the city. We will enjoy external views of the Riga Castle, built in 1330, the one of a few most well-preserved castles in Northern Europe. The residence of the President and the Museum of the Latvian History are located here.