Visit of the Curonian Spit, Neringa Peninsula. Route along the Neringa Peninsula, also called Curonian Spit, till Nida, situated in the border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. This natural reserve has been included in the World Heritage list by the Unesco because of its stunning beauty. It consists in a narrow strip of land, about 100km long, separating the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Lagoon. Sculpted during centuries by the strong Baltic winds carrying fine white sand, the Curonian Spit is covered by pine forests. Here you can admire the largest moving sand dunes in Europe, culminating at 56 metres above sea level on the Urbas Dune. This magic place has been during centuries the theatre of various pagan rites, and it’s also the cradle of many legends, which say that the Spit was created by the giantess Neringa, the Sea goddess. We will go along the only existing road on the Spit and we will Stop at the Wiches’ Hill «Raganu Kalnas» where we can admire its amazing wooden sculptures, of mythological inspiration. Continuation southwards to Preila. Walk in Nida, main village of the peninsula, in the very border with Russia, where we will be able to see the house where lived the writer Thomas Mann.