Muhu Island

Between the mainland and Saaremaa Island lies the smaller island of Muhu. We will stop at Koguva village that is Estonia’s best preserved village. All the buildings in the village are under historical protection. Most of the cottages dated from the 19th century. The oldest buildings, in the middle of the village, dated from the 18th century. There the traditional Saaremaan farms can be seen. The stone walls in Koguva village are over 200 years old. The centre of the village is Tooma farm, which was the original home of Estonian writer Juhan Smuul. Eemu Windmill is located in Linnuse village, approximately one kilometer from the dam that separates Muhu and Saaremaa. The windmill was built on the historic Eemu farm windmill site by Jüri Ling. It is a working windmill, now operated as a museum.