Kadriorg District

No doubt about the interest of the place: it must be seen. Located to short distance of the centre of Tallinn, the place is divided into a gorgeous park and several buildings: the imposing Palace of Kadriorg (18th century), old residence of Tsar Peter the Great I; the Palace of Weizenberg, current presidential palace and numerous villas and mansions of the local middle-class, constructed in its majority in 19th century and principles of the 20th century. The park offers footpaths and splendid gardens, decorated with numerous statues and furrowed by streams and channels. There are also some of the most important museums of Estonia, such as «Kumu», the greatest and most complete museum of art of the country, and the «Mikkel» museum (collections of Russian icons and Chinese porcelains).

Visit of the Castle of Kadriorg. After the victory of the Russian troops of Peter the Great I on Sweden, Russia annexed Estonia in 1710. In 1718 Tsar Peter the Great order to Italian architect Nicolo Michetti the construction of this gorgeous Castle. Built in baroque style, in the centre of a park of French inspiration, with the intention of becoming a sumptuous villa where to spend time in summer, far from the agitation of Saint-Petersburg. The palace was named Catherinenthal, Kadriorg in Estonian, which means “Valley of Catherine”, in honour of his wife Catherine I. Nowadays the building is a museum where we can admire collections exhibited in sumptuous halls, as well as its gorgeous outer architecture and the harmony of its gardens. Last but not least, the house from which the Tsar looked at the progression of works still exists.