Visit of the Gate of Dawn. The Gate was built during the 16th century as one of the 9 gates that opened the city walls, and is the only that survived till today. At the time of its construction, it was common to put some relics and religious objects inside the city gates in order to protect them from attacks and invaders and to bless travellers. At the top of the Gate of Dawn was installed one small chapel with an image of St. Mary. The donations of the inhabitants of Vilnius were making it richer, with gold and silver. Its popularity was growing during the years with some magic and healing powers attributed to the gate, and its cult became so popular, for both Catholics and Orthodox, that it was permitted even in the harshest times of the soviet occupation. It’s still possible to see today silent people passing down the gate and praying, and even masses are held in the open air, in front of St. Mary’s image.